Games we play

Logo Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online

The Tribe is back. BDO left a big impression on the guys from MBG, and can finally play the game for and with everyone to enjoy.

Logo Garry's mod

Garry's mod

The guys love to play Gmod. Gmod is one of the games most played by MBG, they love playing horror games and get the living shit scared out of them.

Logo Grand Theft Auto 5


The MBG guys love this game. Either to fool around in their own time, or record some fun playlists.

Logo Heroes of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm

One of the games that they frequently stream. They love this game and are really dedicated to it. They love a bit of ranked gameplay or just screw around with viewers.

Logo Diablo 3

Diablo 3

A game also streamed often by the guys. They love a bit of hardcore hack and slash. Both Toby and Leslie dedicated in dying while listening to false guidance from Jack.