MBG started of as a group of friends playing games together and one day realised that the funny things they got into needed to be recorded.

MBG People

Photo of Jack

JackContent Creator

Jack, 23, is the main editor and recorder for MBG. When the group plays together he streams on YouTube.

Photo of Jamie

JamieContent Creator

Jamie, 24, is the PR of MBG.
In charge of spreading the info and videos around the Web. If you get a reply on YouTube it's most likely from Jamie. Jamie streams on Twitch when the group plays together.

Photo of Toby

TobyContent Creator

Toby, 27 and Jacks older brother, is the content finder. He finds the latest games for the group to cover. Toby streams on YouTube and Twitch when Jack and Jamie can't.

Photo of Leslie

LeslieFrequent Guest

Leslie, 30, is a good friend of MBG and features in many videos. Loved for his accidental carnage that he brings to the MBG boys in any multilayer game they play.